Ancillary Studies and Activities

Ancilliary Studies of Archaeological Consultants

ACC, Inc. also offers specialized analyses and services. Both Ms. Reid and Mr. Southerlin are qualified zooarchaeologists (study animal remains from archaeological sites). Mr. Southerlin is also an experienced ceramicist and manufactures museum-quality Native American ceramic and stone tool replicas. An overview of the ceramics reproduction process is presented on our Native American Ceramics Reproduction page.  ACC, Inc., is also concerned with public education regarding cultural resources. We are active in numerous public outreach activities, such as archaeological festivals and school presentations.

Staff at ACC, Inc. have a wide range of skills and interests in addition to the professional services we provide.  Some of our specialties and areas of particular interest include:

Archaeologists Display at South Carolina Fall Field Day

Archaeologists Display at South Carolina Fall Field Day

Ceramic and lithic reproduction

Detailed archival and historical research

GIS and graphics

Lithic sourcing and quarries in the Sumter National Forest

Specialized historic artifact analyses

Zooarchaeological analyses

Please feel free to contact us for information about any of the above topics.