Kids’ Day at the Clayton Farm and Community Market!

Display at CFCM Kids Day

Clayton FCM logoACC, Inc. participated in the Clayton Farm and Community Market  Kids’ Day in Historic Downtown Clayton, North Carolina.

On display were artifacts from ACC Inc.’s type collection and historic ceramics from the personal collection of Bobby Southerlin.  Kids were able to “dig” through sand for “artifacts” and explore all stages of stone tool and clay pottery production.

display 6

Pots made by Bobby Southerlin

Bobby Southerlin (CEO) was on hand to illustrate the replica Native American projectile points and pots he makes.  The pots were hand crafted by Mr. Southerlin in the same tradition as they have been made for thousands of years by Native Americans.  Making pots is a multi-step process that takes several days to complete.  To see a complete overview of the process, visit our Native American Ceramics Reproduction page.