Glen Dornoch General Description

Archaeological Consultants of the Carolinas, Inc. (ACC) has conducted archaeological investigations at the Glen Dornoch Golf Course, in Little River, South Carolina. This work was initiated pursuant to Section 106 of the Clean Water Act, and was required by the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) following submission of a wetlands impact permit application to the Army Corps of Engineers.

Glen Dornoch Location of Archaeological Consultants InvestigationsACC’s first phase of archaeological research was to conduct  an archaeological survey to compile an inventory of potentially significant archaeological sites in undeveloped portions of Glen Dornoch Golf Course. Background research found no evidence of previously recorded archaeological sites in the tract. However, using screened shovel tests as the principal method for locating archaeological sites, six sites and six isolated finds were found during field investigations (Reid and Southerlin 2003).

Two of the archaeological sites, 38HR475 and 38HR476, appeared to have intact archaeological contexts which could help us to better understand Native American settlement and subsistence in the Grand Strand region of South Carolina. During the archaeological survey, the horizontal and vertical limits of the sites were defined, and artifacts were collected which helped establish that the sites were occupied by Native Americans over thousands of years. However, extensive Middle Woodland archaeological deposits were targeted for additional evaluation because they offered the greatest potential for relatively undisturbed contexts. Consequently, the sites were recommended potentially eligible for the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) and additional evaluation or avoidance was recommended. The developers decided to fund additional evaluations of the two sites.


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