Glen Dornoch Block Excavations

Glen Dornoch Site Plans

Glen Dornoch site plans

Eleven blocks were excavated at 38HR475 and 38HR476, totaling 296 square meters. We excavated seven large blocks at 38HR475. Blocks 1 and 2 were excavated by hand, proceeding in 10 cm level increments. In Block 3, the A horizon was hand stripped until shell midden contexts were encountered at approximately 15-20 cm below surface. Successive levels were excavated in 10 cm increments. In Blocks 4-7, the A horizon was stripped away (including the shell midden zone) to reveal features present under and around the midden areas.

Glen Dornoch Archaeological Research 475_blockFour blocks were excavated at 38HR476. Blocks 1 and 2 were manually excavated in 10 cm levels. A backhoe was used to scrape away the A horizon in Blocks 3 and 4. Selected 1 by 2 meter units in these machine scraped blocks were hand excavated (in 10 cm increments) to determine if deeper deposits were present. In Block 3 at 38HR476, a number of Thoms Creek Punctate sherds (possibly from a single vessel) were collected from below the Woodland contexts, suggesting a buried Ceramic Late Archaic zone, but evidence of intact midden or features was not found.

Glen Dornoch Block Excavations for Archaeology ServicesA total of 44 features were examined at 38HR475 and 38HR476, most of which represent intact cultural contexts. Unfortunately, none of these features definitively identified structure areas. Shell middens, pottery clusters, and pit features provided ample contexts for the collection of soil and artifact samples for a variety of specialized analyses (radiocarbon dating, faunal analysis, ethnobotanical analysis, pollen analysis, textile analyses).




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