About Us

ACC, Inc. Philosophy

Our central purpose is education. As archaeologists, we strive to understand the past but our understanding only has value if we share our data and insights. To this end, we stress the need to participate in public education programs, to make our project reports available (not only to fellow archaeologists but to the public as well), and for all our employees to continue to pursue knowledge in the field. We see these steps as giving back to the community that supports us.

As a company, ACC, Inc. has three priorities. First, to provide excellent service and a quality product to our clients in a timely and cost effective way. We do this by evaluating a project to the best of our abilities during the cost proposal stage, budgeting projects realistically but reasonably, and producing a well-written report document.

Second, we also strive to develop and maintain positive relationships with our colleagues. These relationships are particularly important with regulatory and review office staff and we want to work closely with them to facilitate moving our clients through the process smoothly. It also includes keeping up to date with recent work being done and disseminating the results of our work through conference participation and publications. We do not work in a vacuum and it is our duty to share our data with fellow archaeologists.

Our third priority is to provide opportunities to our employees to grow as professional archaeologists. We attempt to provide incentives for employees to increase their professional knowledge and degree of expertise. As employees develop more skills, they will be given more responsibilities, new task assignments, and more opportunities to advance. We strongly encourage employees to actively participate in professional organizations and conferences and provide financial assistance to assist with this goal.